It’s always a good idea to CALL AHEAD before driving to the TrailHead.

Call – 262-594-6202  for the latest trail conditions – It will tell you if the Trails are Open or CLOSED!

It can save you the Drive!


Trail Closers at the Muir System are rare, but it does happen.  Usually when Heavy Rains hit the forest, the Trails are closed to bikers to protect the Trail tread from ruts made by tires that can become mud holes, which can grow and deteriorate the Trails further.  Trail Closers usually last during Heavy Rains and 12 – 24 hours after the rain has ended, depending on the amount of rainfall.  Trail conditions are evaluated at early morning and again at noon, and then posted on the Trail HotLine.

If the signs at the TrailHeads say CLOSED – Please do NOT Ride on them!  This includes ALL of the Connector Trail.  If they are Closed, it’s for a Good reason.  During Trail Closers the Forest Rangers become more diligent in looking for ‘Rogue Riders’.  If you are found to be on a CLOSED Trail, the FINE is high!  Don’t risk it!  Call ahead!

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