Patience, They Will Be Open Soon Enough

Warning, Save a lot of Money. The Fines R Heavy

Do not ride the trails when they are posted CLOSED!

So often we see bikers on the Muir Trail – which were obviously marked CLOSET by not one but TWO signs– I tell you THIS is not the way to get to know one of our Fine Rangers. The “meet and greet” WILL result in roughly $500 fine for a “trinity” i.e. NO trail Pass, NO Parking Sticker, riding CLOSED Trails. Worse yet, you may have to explain that to someone back home.

Believe me, the DNR is not conducting’s a fund raiser. It’s all about protecting the Trails for all of us.  Riding on muddy trails looseness’ the dirt tread. This makes ruts, these rut hold water which when ridden turn into holes which grow and… well you get the picture.  Worse still is the erosion cause from this often results in long sections deeply washed away leaving long sections dangerous and requiring the attention of our voluntereer trail crew.  Who I can assure you are already spending more time building then riding.  Smart folks like you I know would rather spend that cash on an upgrade for your ride on your best girl. In short, WAIT until the Officially OPEN!

Call the recorded Trail HotLine to hear if Trails are Open or Closed 262-594-6202. Call ahead!

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