An Opportunity to Make a Difference For Your Trails

PROBLEM: Our volunteer trail crew spends many hours from March to well into the summer repairing, rerouting the bike trails in the Muir system. With summer here the plants growth will soon start to chock the trails. We all see and feeling it while we ride and often have the marks to prove it. These areas need trimming from time to time or they are no longer as fun to ride.

WHY: Like it or not the DNR Staff has been reduced and can no longer keep up with the growth. As riders this is our opportunity to get involved. The Southern Kettle Moraine divisions of SEWTA (South East Wisconsin Trail Alliance) IMBA chapter has committed to taking a larger role in the “maintenance” of the existing trails.

SOLUTION: We are starting a Trail Maintenance Team independent of the busy Trail Building Crew. To that end we are looking for men and women to help trim on occasion to keep the paths open.

SKILLS NEEDED: If you trim your own landscape you probably have the experience needed. This team will not be doing the heavy lifting it takes to build trails. Most of what this team will do is above ground cutting back the vegetation.

HOW BIG A COMMITMENT: We get it. No one wants to be a lifer. It is totally up to you. We will call a work day when the need arises (Saturdays morning 8:30 and we could also have weekday options) TBD. If you can make it show up. Length of time 2 to 3 hrs., or leave when you want or have to. We respect a team member’s time constraints. We promise not to shun you or create a black list. Waterboarding? Not us.

WHERE DO I JOIN: IF you would like to be part of helping to keeping the Southern Kettles a top-shelf Mountain-Bike destination all you need to do is send us your Name and email address.

If you have questions or ideas call or email Jim Wiser. My Cell is 847-404-9698
To get on the Trail Day Invite mailing list Send your contact information to:
Jim Wiser At
Mike Bettinger At

YES!! Its Official. The Trails Opened This Saturday at NOON.

As of noon on April 8, 2017

Yes go ride! DO not forget to buy your trail passes and parking passes.   Display parking passes on the windshield, keep your Trail Pass on you.  

Patience, They Will Be Open Soon Enough

Warning, Save a lot of Money. The Fines R Heavy

Do not ride the trails when they are posted CLOSED!

So often we see bikers on the Muir Trail – which were obviously marked CLOSET by not one but TWO signs– I tell you THIS is not the way to get to know one of our Fine Rangers. The “meet and greet” WILL result in roughly $500 fine for a “trinity” i.e. NO trail Pass, NO Parking Sticker, riding CLOSED Trails. Worse yet, you may have to explain that to someone back home.

Believe me, the DNR is not conducting’s a fund raiser. It’s all about protecting the Trails for all of us.  Riding on muddy trails looseness’ the dirt tread. This makes ruts, these rut hold water which when ridden turn into holes which grow and… well you get the picture.  Worse still is the erosion cause from this often results in long sections deeply washed away leaving long sections dangerous and requiring the attention of our voluntereer trail crew.  Who I can assure you are already spending more time building then riding.  Smart folks like you I know would rather spend that cash on an upgrade for your ride on your best girl. In short, WAIT until the Officially OPEN!

Call the recorded Trail HotLine to hear if Trails are Open or Closed 262-594-6202. Call ahead!

Your IMBA Chapter

WEMS Race May 6 2017

The Southern Kettle Moraine Chapter division of SEWTA (South East Wisconsin Trail Alliance) an IMBA Chapter is please to announce we will again be one of the host race venues for the 2017 WEMS.

Date: May 6th

Locati0n: Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest.  John Muir Trail Head

More Information to follow.

Jim Wiser

***** Southern Kettles Classic WEMS Race August 8 2015 *****

Southern Kettle Moraine Needs Your Help

Attention this is a call to action: The Southern Kettle Moraine Chapter of IMBA, mountain bike club is sponsoring the WEMs race at Emma Carlin on Saturday August 8.

This is our largest fund raising event generating over $2000 for trail improvements. This year we would like to use the $$$$ raised for the potential purchase of winter grooming equipment for the mountain bike trails

(note: Bike trail grooming has not been officially approved but it goods to be ready if and when it is)

At this time we need some core volunteers to help make this event a success. If you want to be a doer and help make things happen on your bike trails please contact



2015 Trails OPEN Today at 2:00pm

The Northern Trails of the John Muir, the Connector Trail and the Emma Carlin Trails will OPEN for Biking at 2:00pm on Friday, April 3.  RIDE with Caution!  The Trails are not yet hard packed.

Winter Color Fest Fat Bike Snow Race On The John Muir

This Saturday is the date of the Winter Fest Fat Bike snow race on the John Muir. This is an event sponsored by your local IMBA chapter mountain bike club, all proceeds after expenses go to trail development and equipment to maintain trails.  The club board of directors  approved the spending of up to $5000 for an enclosed trailer to store and transport the  new Polaris  UTV that was recently purchased with funds from the Mountain Bike Patrol and Fall color committee.  This UTV will be used for rescue and transporting tools and supplies for trail work.    One of the future  items on  our wish list is the purchase of  a  motorized snow  groomer to pack some of the Mountain Bike Trails during the winter . So if you are available to help with this event either on Friday any time between 1:00 to 5:pm for set up  or Saturday 9:00 to 3:00pm during the race please drop me an email .  We also have permission to use a snowmobile to pack the beginner trail and possibly the  brown loop. So if you have or know some who  has a snowmobile available Friday and Saturday let me know .We also could use some propane heaters to heat the shelter during Saturdays race or 262-495-8600 or 847-404-9698

**ELECTIONS** Southern Kettles IMBA Chapter Board

We have made the nominating process for the upcoming board election simpler
There are three board positions up for renewal
If you are interested in being on this ballot just email your name before November 16 to
The only requirements is that one of the existing board members approves your application
To also simplify the actual election you will be able to vote for your 3 choices online November 19 to midnight November 21
The actual election will be Saturday Nov, 22 10:00 am 12:00 at LaGrange General Store
Your Passion for Mountain Biking and  For The Southern Kettles Makes You Or Someone You Know An Important Asset For The Board

SKMCI Halloween Ride, Potluck and Members Meeting

If your a Mountain Biker and the Southern Kettles is you favorite place to ride.
Are you a current member or would like to become a member?

You will want to join in on the fun Saturday November 1 for a general  membership meeting
 and Halloween Mt bike ride.
 The meeting starts a 2:00pm followed bike a group ride at 3:00pm .
Location: Nordic Shelter on H across from John Muir 

Meeting starts at 2:00 and current board  member will be present to discuss direction club should take in the upcoming year . A few important items will be what to do with the money raised over the past few years and the nomination for 3 open board positions.  To be on the ballot for the next  election  you will need the endorsement from two current chapter members.

The election will be at the Nordic Shelter November 22 10:00 to 1:00

Note: We will have the grill  going with Hamburgers for after the ride. So bring a dish to pass


 and enjoy the fire

Questions?  Call Jim Wiser after 5 pm weekdays or any sane time on weekends


Take a kid Mountain biking is cancelled due to weather.

The trails are closed`and more rain is due.  So we regret to say we have to cancel again.