An Opportunity to Make a Difference For Your Trails

PROBLEM: Our volunteer trail crew spends many hours from March to well into the summer repairing, rerouting the bike trails in the Muir system. With summer here the plants growth will soon start to chock the trails. We all see and feeling it while we ride and often have the marks to prove it. These areas need trimming from time to time or they are no longer as fun to ride.

WHY: Like it or not the DNR Staff has been reduced and can no longer keep up with the growth. As riders this is our opportunity to get involved. The Southern Kettle Moraine divisions of SEWTA (South East Wisconsin Trail Alliance) IMBA chapter has committed to taking a larger role in the “maintenance” of the existing trails.

SOLUTION: We are starting a Trail Maintenance Team independent of the busy Trail Building Crew. To that end we are looking for men and women to help trim on occasion to keep the paths open.

SKILLS NEEDED: If you trim your own landscape you probably have the experience needed. This team will not be doing the heavy lifting it takes to build trails. Most of what this team will do is above ground cutting back the vegetation.

HOW BIG A COMMITMENT: We get it. No one wants to be a lifer. It is totally up to you. We will call a work day when the need arises (Saturdays morning 8:30 and we could also have weekday options) TBD. If you can make it show up. Length of time 2 to 3 hrs., or leave when you want or have to. We respect a team member’s time constraints. We promise not to shun you or create a black list. Waterboarding? Not us.

WHERE DO I JOIN: IF you would like to be part of helping to keeping the Southern Kettles a top-shelf Mountain-Bike destination all you need to do is send us your Name and email address.

If you have questions or ideas call or email Jim Wiser. My Cell is 847-404-9698
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