SKMCI Halloween Ride, Potluck and Members Meeting

If your a Mountain Biker and the Southern Kettles is you favorite place to ride.
Are you a current member or would like to become a member?

You will want to join in on the fun Saturday November 1 for a general  membership meeting
 and Halloween Mt bike ride.
 The meeting starts a 2:00pm followed bike a group ride at 3:00pm .
Location: Nordic Shelter on H across from John Muir 

Meeting starts at 2:00 and current board  member will be present to discuss direction club should take in the upcoming year . A few important items will be what to do with the money raised over the past few years and the nomination for 3 open board positions.  To be on the ballot for the next  election  you will need the endorsement from two current chapter members.

The election will be at the Nordic Shelter November 22 10:00 to 1:00

Note: We will have the grill  going with Hamburgers for after the ride. So bring a dish to pass


 and enjoy the fire

Questions?  Call Jim Wiser after 5 pm weekdays or any sane time on weekends


Take a kid Mountain biking is cancelled due to weather.

The trails are closed`and more rain is due.  So we regret to say we have to cancel again.