Trail Conditions UpDate: April 23, 2014

Trails are in Great shape!  Rode today – NO mud.  Trails are a bit leafy, so careful Riding fast in the curves – loose footing!  Also, due to the leaf cover, it’s kinda hard to see where the Trail is in some areas (and what’s underneath the leaves).

Leaf clearing will start this week.

In the meantime – Ride Careful; Ride Smart…. but RIDE!!


Today, April 11, the DNR OPENED the Trails!!  “We’ve had a several days of warm temperatures and WIND which has helped to dry them quickly.  There still are wet, slippery areas, but most are dry enough to Ride.  Probably will close again on Sunday due to rain forecasted”.

REMEMBER:  Call the Trail Hotline 262-594-6202 BEFORE you drive to the Trails to hear if they are OPEN or Closed.  Do NOT Ride on CLOSED Trails!


Updated Trail Conditions

Trails were inspected Monday, April 7, and were found to be mostly free of snow and ice (some small areas were still present).  Unfortunately for those eager to get out and Ride, the Frost is now coming out of the ground, which means wet, sloppy, slippery Trail tread – which means: NO Trail Riding this week or probably next! (yeah, it’s a beautiful sunny, warm day, and the Trails look dry and hard packed at the TrailHead, BUT… back in the woods is where the wet Trails are at).

Riding Trails that are WET causes ruts and erosion, which causes More ruts and erosion the more riders that ride those trails.  Rain will cause wet Trails, but so does the Spring Frost coming out of the ground.  It takes weeks for the Frost to come out, especially in the low, wooded spots in the forest; and our Trails have a Lot of those.

BEST guess right now: Trails Opening Saturday, April 26.   But keep your fingers crossed, and check that Trail HotLine for updated Opening date.

REMEMBER: DON’T RISK RIDING CLOSED TRAILS!!  It will be worth the wait.

Warning, WARNING!

Do NOT Ride the Trails when they are posted CLOSED! 

Last Saturday, we witnessed two riders coming off the Muir Trail – which were obviously marked CLOSED – and were rightfully engaged by the Rangers; which resulted in a $500 fine! [NO Trail Pass, NO Parking Sticker,  riding CLOSED Trails]

DON’T be StUpiD!!  WAIT until Officially OPEN!

Call the recorded Trail HotLine to hear if Trails are Open or Closed 262-594-6202.  Call ahead!!

* It’s not about your bike, it’s to keep our Trails in good condition for ALL to Ride!