Trail Trimming the Muir System

THANKS to all the Volunteers who came out Saturday morning to Help trim back the over growth on the Muir Trails!  The areas that you worked on are sooo much better riding now.  With over 50 miles of trail to keep up with, it’s not easy to get the full job done; but each section that gets done , helps make the trail riding that much more enjoyable.

EVERY Rider should make it a point to take at least one hour, and one section of trail, and trim it back.  It doesn’t have to be trimmed back a lot, just keep the branches and vines cut back a foot from the trail edge.  That should be ALL rider’s responsibility!  And NO, the DNR does NOT trim back the trails.  It is the Volunteer riders who do the job.

Again, I say, and all other riders I’m sure, THANK YOU to the Riders who Volunteer a few hours to keep our trails the Best they can be – the Best in the State!