Chapter Evening Rides

We like to continue to host Chapter night rides this summer.  These rides often are laid back and very inclusive to allow for a wide range of abilities.  The days we are looking at are Tuesday or Thursday.  We gather at 6 PM.   If riding after work this summer interest you let us know which of these two days are best and we will settle on one that works for the majority.  This time of year one can often ride for a few hours and not ever have lights.   Check our website at for updates or cancellations due to weather. 

SpringTime in the Kettles

Ahhh…. Spring!  Such a lovely time.  The floral scents of new plants, the ‘pop’ of colors from the wild flowers, the vivid ‘greens’ of the new growth……. NEW GROWTH!!  OMG, It’s EVERYwhere!! Lots of ‘Slap and Tickle’ out on the Trails.  Be Aware or Be Forewarned – “Welcome to growing season in the Forest.”

YOU can HELP!  “Trimming Back” needs to be everyone’s responsibility!  Because with over 50 miles of Trail, it’s impossible to get to all of it, let alone ‘Keep Up With It’!  So, Help out your fellow Riders…. not to mention Yourself!  Trim, Trim, TRIM, when you can.  We’re Not talking major clearing, just nip off those face slappers and hand grabbers, if you will.  That will Help Everybody; Including YOU, the next time you Ride that section of Trail.  THANKS for Helping; and Enjoy the ‘SpringTime in the Kettles’!

Chapter Rides Start This Week

The first ‘Chapter Ride’ of the Season is set for THIS Thursday, May 16.

What IS a ‘Chapter Ride’?  It is a gathering, of the Southern Kettle Moraine Chapter of IMBA Members, to socially Ride together as a Group.  There may be several groups Riding; some faster, some slower, some in-between, so you can pick the group you like to Ride with.  Any and Everyone is invited to join with the Riders, whether you are a Member or not.  It’s about Fun and socialization!  After the Ride, there is always a gathering at the picnic area or parking lot with more conversations and socialization.  Bring your own beverage and snacks to revitalize.  The General Store is also open later in the evening, and sometimes the group will visit there after.

The weather looks to be perfect to start this seasons Chapter Rides.  Meet at the John Muir starting at 6:00pm.  Riding out by 6:30.  See you there.  Email:  Jim Wiser with questions or comments.


Trails are in Great shape!

Trails on the John Muir, Connector and Emma Carlin are all clear and in Very Good Riding shape.  Enjoy!

BUT…. on the Muir BLUE/GREEN/PURPLE Trail, just before the ‘Kissing Meadow’, there is a 20 ft. long section of Trail that is under water and/or muddy or both.  Due to the heavy rains this Spring, the creek that normally flows through drainage pipes under the Trail, has risen and backed-up to cover the Trail.  Ride or walk with caution.  DNR ‘fixes’ are in the works.

And Remember, the Spring growing season has begun.  Expect some ‘Slap and Tickle’ of the new growth until it can be trimmed.