The WDNR made the call to Open the Trails a day earlier than expected.  The John Muir TrailSystem OPENS Friday, April 26 at noon.  Remember:  Ride carefully for the first few weeks until the Trails settle back into place and harden up.  ENJOY the Ride!

Trail UpDate April 23

Keep your fingers crossed, and if you haven’t already, get on that trainer, ‘cuz the John Muir TrailSystem is ‘tentatively’ set to Open this coming Saturday, April 27, at noon (but don’t hold us to that).  On the request by the WDNR, the local National Mountain Bike Patrol has checked the Muir and Carlin Trails and found them to be safe and ready to Ride.  Be Advised: to Ride a bit slower in Spring until the Trails firm up and settle back in completely.  There are some ‘ruts’ in some of the Trails that could throw you off your line, or even off your bike, if you are not careful.  Those should fill in and pack down nicely after the Trails are ridden a while.  THANKS goes out to the TrailCrew, the ‘ChainSaw’ Gang and the Wisconsin Bike Patrol for working sooo hard to get the Trails in Riding shape!  Again:  Call the Trail HotLine, 262-594-6202, to verify whether the Trails are Open or Closed, before traveling out to the Trails.  A Hefty Fine if you are caught Riding on Closed Trail; not to mention the wrath from other Riders who respect the decision and understand the damage to the Trails you would be causing!

Southern Kettle Moraine Chapter of IMBA News for April 15.

This spring the chapter board approved the following official Chapter events

•Trail Building on Saturdays mornings from March to June

•Group Rides each Thursday night at 6 pm Starting May2 (weather permitting)

•A Monthly Meeting for members held every 2nd Thursday of the month at the John Muir Shelter prior to the weekly Group Mountain Bike Ride.

•Summer Solstice night ride and camp fire.  Friday June 21 (Hot dogs on the chapter)  BYOB

•WEMS race July 20th at the Emma Carlin Trail system

•Partner with the FCF committee for the 20th anniversary of the FCF

•Partner with the IMBA event.  Take a Child Mountain Biking, October  (on a Saturday DTBD)

•Halloween night ride October 26

•Fat-Bike Snow Race (December)

Up-Coming Membership Meeting.

The next meeting for members will be April 27.  This meeting will be held at the DNR Headquarters and starts at 2pm.

S91 W39091 Highway 59
Eagle, WI 53119

 Trail Building

March 30th we were finally able to get into the forest to start working on our trail system. We spent two weeks completing a re-route of a bad section at the beginning of the Squirrel loop.  The re-route should stay drier and raspberry free.  It is also longer.  This last week the trail crew re-routed a section on the Blue Loop that heads down to hwy H.  Next week the trail crew heads back to the Emma Carlin.  This is year five of a long-term project to rebuild the mountain bike trails there.  Dave Mangan and the DNR have a large re-route planned.   If you are on Dave’s trail-building list look for his weekly email on Thursdays.  If you would like to be on the trail crew email list please write Dave and request he adds you.

Web Site Work needed

In order to provide better information to our membership we need to improve our website.  We are looking for a volunteer with website experience to help.  The chapter uses Word Press which is a contact management system.  If you have experience with web design or know someone that is, please email