Trail Conditions on April 6

Most of the snow has melted in the forest, BUT….. a lot of the Trails are still Ice covered.  The frost has started to come out of the ground, meaning the Trails are becoming Very soft and Muddy.  To protect our Trails, PLEASE DO NOT WALK OR RIDE ON THEM until the Trail conditions improve.  We will let you know here, or you may call the Trail HotLine 262-594-6202  to listen to a daily recorded update message from the DNR.  Our best guess:  Trails will not open ’til May 1.  They need many days for all of the frost to come out of the ground and then many days for them to dry and become hard-packed again.

PLEASE DO NOT WALK OR RIDE ON THE TRAILS NOW!  If we don’t, the Trails will open sooner.