IMBA, The Wisconsin Bicycle Federation and You

Did you know that IMBA and the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation have partnered to further support  mountain biking here in Wisconsin?   There were a ton of great reasons to do so and those reasons just keep on proliferating.  When you join our local IMBA chapter you are given the opportunity to join the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation for no extra charge.  This enables us to tie into the lobbying power that the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation has in Madison to preserve, protect and expand mountain biking at the Southern Kettles and Wisconsin as a whole.  The Wisconsin Bicycle Federation has hired staff just to support this new mountain biking endeavor.  Wisconsin Bicycle Federation staff have already attended to support some of the Southern Kettles events such as the Fall Color Festival.  We look forward to even greater partnership in the near future

New Web Hosting Site

The Southern Kettle Chapter of IMBA is pleased to announce that with your support and donations our website is now live on a new Hosting site. We owe a big debt of gratitude to Ryan Nanny who for over a year has hosted our site at no charge on his own private server. Back when our Chapter was getting starting and had no funds Ryan’s generous donation of server space and internet access along with his expertise kept us up and running smoothly. Ryan is one of many members who have stepped up and gone the extra mile to help start the new IMBA chapter and enhance the Mountain Biking community at the Southern Kettles. Projects such as the Skillz course build by Jamison Stachel and others, along with wood donated by Ernie Huerta are another example of members working to get special projects done. Many thanks to Ryan and the host of other unnamed volunteers who help out day in and day out.

Do you know someone with Web development expertise who would be willing to enhance our website? If so please contact Jim Wiser.