November 12 Membership Meeting Minutes

The location was the Nordic warming shelter. 

6 members attended the membership meeting and several ideas and issues were presented and discussed. 

Summer trail work.  It was brought up that there were people who would like to be able to contribute to the trail maintenance in the summer months, this wider contribution has to fit in with all the rules of what can and can’t be done. Trail trimming is an area that could be done without any issues 

Tuesday crew during the spring trail work period was discussed there are some who have to work weekends but want an opportunity to contribute

 It was suggested that the DNR could help promote our group possible the Kiosk people to ask for donations and promote events.

 A placed to drop donation was asked.  It was pointed out we already have a Drop box near the Kiosk.  Signage may need to be bigger.

 Social media expansion.  It was suggested that the chapter do more with using the various social media such as Twitter.  Eric Roche is involved with UWW business school Web development department and is looking into help with our website.

 Concern for hikers walking on the mountain bike trails was expressed … This an issue already the DNR are concerned about and intend to address the issue starting in the spring

 The proposed IMBA kid’s day was discussed and Eric Roche will head this up.  The date is still unannounced by IMBA but it was in October for 2012.

 With opening the master plan for the Kettle looming it creates the need for a sense of urgency to increase the numbers of members to be able to voice our concerns and desires for the forest

 It is a plan of the board to try to get Bike shop’s involvement throughout the area and other organizations that have an interest in supporting the.  Amy volunteered to take Lake County and try though CAMBA to access the Chicago area

 IMBA is recognizing volunteers so this needs to be reported to IMBA

 Suggestions were made regarding opportunities to have advertising sponsors on out website

Information on a shelter for the Emma Carlin was provided by Mike Seiler. 

Expanded Parking lot for Emma has been approved by the DNR.  We are hoping for 2013 but studies could postpone this till 2014


Rifle Deer Hunting Season

The trails were great to ride this weekend.  However, there were plenty of deer hunters around the Muir and Connector trails.  There is one more week of Deer hunting with rifles.  November 17th to 25th.  If you plan to ride this Thanksgiving holiday weekend wear brazen orange or bright yellow.  For the full hunting schedule go to:

 Ride with care. 

Open Board Meeting for IMBA Chapter Members

November 12th the board will hold an open forum and invites all members to attend.  Find out what the board is up to and share your ideas and vision for the Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest mountain bike system.  The meeting starts at 6:30 pm and will run to 7:30 pm.  The location is the Nordic Shelter.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

Leaf Removal from the Muir Trails

A group of the volunteer trail crew just finish blowing leafs from the entire Muir trails.  The goal is to allow the trails to dry faster in the fall between rains, remove trail hazards caused by wet leafs hiding rocks and roots and enable the trails to thaw faster in the spring.  As you can guess blowing the entire Muir entails lots of walking.  Thanks guys for your time.  The trails are in great shape.  Enjoy your fall riding at the Southern Kettles.