SKMCI Board Meeting News June 25th 2012

Board Meeting News,

The board met again at the Nordic Shelter on June 25th and covered the following
noteworthy items

It is done, we are now an official Chapter of IMBA, however due to a glitch in
IMBA’s Website, at the time of the meeting, we were not listed there, IMBA was
working on the problem. Memberships will be discounted at the WEMS race at the
John Muir

WEMS race scheduled for June 21st continues to come together, one big change is
that we were unable to get permission from the DNR to base it at the Emma Carlin
trailhead due to the lack of parking, the race will be based instead at the John Muir
trailhead. The DNR was still supportive of the use of Emma Carlin with the potential
next year to utilize a farm field towards Hyw 59. For more information on the race
go to

Trail building update: As the summer progresses there have been no official work
days but volunteers have been expanding the picnic areas south of the parking lot
by trimming the lower branches of the evergreen trees there. Picnic tables, more
are needed, at Muir 3 more and 5 at Emma the DNR will go for it if the funding is
available Also the DNR has been out with the brush hog on some sections of trail

Events: An IMBA supported event Oct 6th” TAKE A KID MOUNTAIN BIKING”,
was brought up with Jamison suggesting a day event might be, it was agreed to follow
up later

Skillz Area Phase II: Gears are in motion, Dave has agreements from the DNR and
Jamison wants to make a detailed plan before going ahead, stay tuned for when work
will start.

Grant Sources/Donations: Feelers have been put out to some local larger businesses
that will be followed upon in the coming weeks and months with mailings. Many
people have expressed an interest in donating cash in lieu of donating trial work. It
was agreed to buy a Trail Donation Box and install it next to the Kiosk where there
used to be a pay phone.

Lauderdale-La Grange Fire Dept: The board has received a letter regarding concerns
over emergency access. With new trial and access points not adequately marked,
Dave reported that presentations had been made to them regarding the NMBP and
new maps that are available, apparently they are still working with the old ones .It
was suggested that we set up to meet with them at the trials and to run through
the most current maps and reinforcing the role of the NMBP. Dave M and Mike
Bettinger agreed to follow up with them.

The next meeting will be held August 6th at the Nordic Shelter at 6:30 PM

Muir South Kettle Classic, WEMS Race

Muir South Kettle Classic, WEMS Race

In keeping with a long standing tradition of hosting WEMS races at the Muir, The new Southern Kettle
Moraine Chapter of IMBA is proud to present our first WEMS race June 21. This year’s race will be held
July 21 at the Muir Trails. Leaning heavy on the expertise of Kenny Dretzka the previous race director,
the chapter board is sponsoring this race to raise funds to support our work in the Southern Kettles trail
system. Come out and support your trails and watch the action.

Schedule for Muir South Kettle Classic
75 mile race will start at 10:00 am
50 mile race will start at 1:00 pm
25 mile race will start at 3:00 pm
Registration will be open at 8:00 am under the shelter.

Racers who sign up to join IMBA on race day will get $5.00 off the race entry fee. So save 5
bucks and partner with IMBA in their work for preservation and expansion of mountain biking
both here at the Kettle and in Wisconsin. Each year the trails get better and better. The Emma
Carlin is a good example of the work being done to raise the bar for mountain biking here at the
Muir System.

Volunteers Needed.

Not racing? We need your help. If you can help in anyway join us.
Helping at a bike race is fun and rewarding. It’s your chance to be a part of furthering the work
here at the Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest for Mountain biking. For more information on
opportunities to get involved:
Contact the race director: Jamison Stachel at or Jim Wiser at