Board Meeting News

Board Meeting News,

The board met again at the Nordic Shelter on May 14th to continue to advance the new

The big news is that we will become an officially recognized IMBA chapter on June
15th. With all the pieces falling into place we are excited about creating a strong and
effective organization that builds on all of the great work that has been done over the
years by so many to advance mountain biking in our area.

The WEMS race scheduled for July 21st is coming together. Jamison Stachel and his
committee are working hard to make this a great event. The race will be at the Muir this
year. This event will be the Chapters first organize race and fund raiser. Many thanks
goes to Kenny Dretzka. His expertise organizing this race was invaluable.

In agreement with IMBA we amended the Bylaws to better define our territory as
follows: “SKMCI shall operate within the general geographic territory of The Southern
Kettle Moraine State Forest and Lapham Peak Unit, including the Counties of Walworth,
Jefferson, Rock and Waukesha (west of Hwy 83)”

Trail building update: A lot of great work continues to get done by the many volunteers
who have been showing up for the trail work days with the Emma Carlin trail becoming
a gem of a trail system. New sections have been added to the Green/Orange and to the
Brown a diversion around a potentially wet area and adds quite a bit of trail length to
this section. Work has progressed on building alternate trail through the series of steep
and deteriorating climbs on the Green loop. “Alternate being an example of our great
relationship with the DNR whereby they have allowed us to keep the existing steeps
climbs for those who are looking for a more leg burning challengeā€.

The bike expo reported on last time was a learning experience, next year we need our
own booth as we were not very visible, sharing space with the Fall color Festival and
National Bike Patrol.

Event planning discussions focused on staging enduro events which Jamison will report
on next meeting also discussed was the possibility to have a social evening event the
evening prior to the Fall Color Festival, stay tuned.

Regarding the Skillz Area Phase two construction, the DNR is on board but is concerned
about liability and are checking with their legal departments. Wheel & Sprocket has
offered to pay for some lumber and we are also seeking help from other sponsorship

Next meeting is June 25th at the Nordic Shelter.