TrailBuilding returns to Saturdays

This Saturday, May 12, the eSpeCially CrAzy IrRegular TrailBuildin’ Crew (a group of Trail Volunteers who want More/Better Trails) will be Building NEW Trail at the Emma Carlin Trails.  They will meet in the Emma Carlin Parking Lot at 8:30am.  TrailWork will be from 9:00am – Noon.   TrailWork will be on the Outer GREEN Loop, on the BIG Hill towards the end of the Trail.  Join US if you can!  They NEED Help! – in many ways!!


Update from your Board

The board met for the second time on April 2nd at the La Grange General Store, thanks to
Mike for hosting.

We discussed the upcoming WEMS series race, including insurance issues, volunteer
requirements. Regarding insurance it appears that plans to sell beer at this event will
considerably drive up insurance cost so it was decided to revisit this option next year
when we are more comfortable in making the investment.

Dave Mangan’s Trail building report:
Good numbers of people have been coming out to help so much is getting achieved,
thanks to all who have donated their valuable time so far and keep coming out. This third
week the effort moved to Emma with a new section built and opened. NMBP had been
out the week preceding the trails opening removing fallen limbs.

Emma Shelter project was discussed with possible options for sponsors being sought and
with the close proximity to the Ice Age Trail it was decided to contact the Friends of the
Ice age trail to see if they might be interested in contributing to the cost. We agreed that
we should pursue as “green” a solution as possible in keeping with the spirit of the forest.

Website improvements were approved involving a software upgrade so look for new
features coming soon including a forum section maybe later this year.

Membership: We are actively seeking members prior to the official sanctioning by
IMBA. Dues will not be collected until official integration.

We agreed to be part of the Wheel and Sprocket Bike Expo teaming with the NMBP and
the Fall Color Festival Committee who has a booth, we will be seeking members there

We plan to showcase the new chapter at the Fall Color Festival in September with the
eventual goal of taking over the running of this event

A lot of the more mundane nuts and bolts of the organization are coming together and as
details are finalized will be reported here

The next board meeting will be held May 14th

TrailWork will be SUNDAY again this week – May 6

WE had said last week, “that if More than TWENTY Volunteers came out to Help last Sunday, WE’d do another Sunday”.  Well….. it happened, so this SUNDAY is it!  Meet at the Emma Carlin TrailHead Parking Lot at 10:30am.  We will do TrailWork from 11:00am – 2:00pm.  Bring your bikes to Ride what you Built after!