Sunday Trail WorkDay

This Saturday, April 28, there will be NO TrailWork.  This week’s TrailWork Day is SUNDAY, April 29, meeting at the Emma Carlin Parking Lot at 10:30 am.  We will work from 11:00am – 2:00pm, then RIDE!

Trails are OPEN!

ALL Trails in the Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest are OPEN!

Get out and Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Trails are OPEN and in GREAT shape – A Special THANKS goes out to the Volunteer Group the ‘eSpecially CrAzy IrRegular TrailBuildin’ Crew’ who look after the TrailSystem.  Other Groups to THANK for the Trails getting OPEN and looking Good, are the local WORBA/IMBA National Mountain Bike Patrol, who, by request of the WDNR, check and clear all of the MB Trails before opening; and also, a Major Help is the SKM ChainGang – a Group of Volunteers who were Trained and Approved by the WDNR to use chain saws in the SKM State Forest.

REMEMBER: It is Spring!  The plants are sprouting  and blooming FAST!  Plants quickly stretch out and may expand into the Trail path.  Be prepared for some ‘face-slappers’; even some ‘grabbers’.  Of particular note: the raspberry canes are Really Active right now, and they have some serious thorns on them – Be Aware!  But hey…. it’s Mountain Biking!

LOOK FOR THEM! – The John Muir had some shorter Trail ReRoutes built this Spring in the southern Trail Section know as ‘The Finger’, and one just after ‘Richards Revenge’ past the ‘RainBow Bridge’.  These ReRoutes were made to avoid sections of Trail that remained muddy most of the year.  OUR goal is to keep the Trails OPEN more by by-passing the wetter sections.  THANKS TrailCrew!!

And with that…… COME OUT and RIDE!!  and EnJoy the Forest!