Chapter News from the Board!

The Board met on March 10th at the Kettle Moraine DNR Headquarters to continue to work through the details of the new organization. We had a long list of business to go through. Here is a rundown of the items that will likely be of interest

Events: Plans are moving forward with the WEMS series race to be held in the forest June 21st, we will be seeking help from those interested in helping with the race committee. We are fortunate to have Kenny Dretzka heading up this event for us. He experience with this event in the past makes him uniquely qualified. We discussed other potential events including ideas such as an Off Road Poker Ride, Mountain Bike Enduro and a time trial event similar to that put on by the Metro chapter. Anyone with ideas interested in helping should forward them to Jamison.

Jim Wiser reported that the Chapter would become active officially July 21st 2012 if all goes through as anticipated. There are three other relevant organizations that impact us or overlap NMBP, WORBA and Bike Fed, membership in any of these organizations translates to membership in our new IMBA chapter and vice versa except for NMBP

Any organization that relies on member volunteers to achieve goals needs ways to recognize extraordinary contributions, we are working on developing ways to do this. The Dirty Dozen has been successful with the trail volunteers however this accolade will be reserved for these volunteers. Jim also reported that the website was back up, thanks to Ryan ……. for all his hard work.

In new business the Bike Fed Summit held recently in Madison was reported on. The bike Fed is a Wisconsin based group lobbying on behalf of cycling and of interest is that IMBA is working with the predominantly road based organization to develop connections to the mountain bike community. It was noted that WORBA would cease operations in September and that the Bike Fed will assume all former activities.

Technical Committee: Ryan …. has agreed to lead the this committee

Emma Shelter Committee: It was agreed to go forward with this committee with a goal to explore the funding and construction of a shelter built at Emma Carlin trailhead, Mike Seiler has agreed to lead this, stay tuned for volunteer opportunities.

We agreed to look into creating a forum section on our web site for members to post to.

Trail building: As you read this trail work has resumed with the first work day on March 17 with 25 or so showing up!! Dave Mangan has been out with DNR trials coordinator Dan Dane to walk the sections needing work and is working with him to develop the plan for this season

Membership, We will be present at the upcoming Wheel and Sprocket Bike Expo, April 5th -8th. The Fall Color Festival has agreed to share their booth. We will be there actively seeking membership in our new chapter.

The next board meeting will be held April 2nd.

2012 TrailBuilding Season Begins Saturday March 17th

Join US on the First Day of TrailBuilding on the Muir Trails.  Come ‘Give a Little Back to the Trails that you Love’!….and Help US continue to build the Best TrailSystem in the State!

Meet at 8:30am; Meet at John Muir Parking Lot.

A little socialization time, then off to the TrailWork.  We work from 9:00am ’til Noon.  We supply all the tools, you supply the ‘sweat equity and the humor’.

See ya there!


SKM IMBA Board: Meeting minutes 2/18/12

Your new IMBA board met for the first time on Saturday February 18th at the DNR head quarters.  All board members were present.  The meeting opened with discussion of both short-term and long-term goals.  Topics included membership, projects, fundraisers, trail work and other amenities for biking.

The board elected members to the various positions needed per our chapter By-Laws.  The positions were elected and filled as follows:

  • Chair – 3 year – Jim Wiser
  • Vice Chair – 2 year – Mike Bettinger
  • Treasurer – 3 year – Mike Ellis
  • Secretary – 2 year – Richard Palmer
  • Trail Steward – 3 year – Dave Mangan
  • Events Coordinator – 2 year – Jamison Stachel
  • Membership Coordinator – 3 year – Marty Tank

The board finalized the information needed to fill out the IMBA Chapter inline application.  In the area of communication the new board discussed ways to get information to the mountain biking community.  These included mailings, use of our chapter’s website as well as FaceBook.

The process for IMBA chapter formation will take to about mid-summer to complete according to Hansi Johnson from IBMA.  The Fall Color Festival Board has approved the $500 required by IMBA to apply for chapter membership.

We discussed our website and the need to upgrade as well as the skilled man-power to manage this.  Ryan Nanny heads this endeavor and has been very instrumental in this area and his work is much appreciated.  We need to get trail maps and other information back online at since they were removed in the transition.

Events discussed

  • The date has been set by Kenny Dretzka, for SKM WEMS race – July 21, 2012.  He has many years experience doing this very event and we are fortunate that he is willing to do this race again.  Jamison Stachel is laying the ground-work so this race can be added to WEMS schedule.
  • Fall Color Festival in September sponsored by the Fall Color Festival Board.  The race is scheduled for September 22.  We are looking forward to working with the FCF board on this event.

We set next meeting date on 3/10/12 at DNR HQ at 9-11am