New chapter needs a name


We need to name the new chapter for the Southern Kettles. Please feel free to share your suggested name(s) to this post and we will setup a poll for the community to decide/vote on.


Updates from your action committee

This past Tuesday 11/22/2011, the five people on the action committee met to begin planning and discussing the next steps for us to become a chapter of IMBA. Meeting minutes follow:

  • Personal introductions from the five of us.
  • Fall Color Festival: future distributions of funds raised.
  • Find out of we can use IMBA to help with grant writing.
  • Usage of this domain( for the chapter, can we transfer it to the chapter?
  • Create a public forum for discussion on the legal name of the chapter.
  • Do we want to include Lapham Peak in the chapters territory (seems yes at this point).
  • Work on compiling a single email list of people who want to be involved the chapters, both members and leadership.
  • Create a committee email address (running off
  • Find out if we need to procure insurance for workdays, seek information from DNR and/or WORBA.
  • Funding the $500.00 fee from IMBA, to become a chapter. The Fall Color Festival board will vote on if they will help with that, otherwise we move to fundraising ideas.
  • Next meeting is set for December 1st, 2011.

There is currently one more action committee meeting scheduled to review the IMBA bylaws and get them posted on here, for public review/discussion. After such, proposal of changes to the bylaws should be given on this website. We will then vote on any modifications to the bylaws, as a community, at the January meeting. Also, we are thinking that those who intend on going for leadership positions (which will be stated in the bylaws) should give notice at the January meeting and we will plan to hold elections at the following meeting, likely in February or March.

Note: bylaws can be modified in the future, we suggest focusing on the big things and we’ll iron-out any smaller things throughout the year.

Happy Holidays all,
The Action Committee

SKM Summit Success

We had a great turnout last night, shown above is about 2/3 the crowd which attended. It was nearly a unanimous decision to begin work towards becoming an IMBA chapter. An action committee is going to be meeting Tuesday 11/22/2011, to begin working on the initial steps necessary to become a chapter. The tentative date for the next meeting is not yet set, but the consensus is mid-January.

It’s been a long road to get to this point and indeed a lot more needs to be accomplished, stay tuned for more details!