July UpDate

Summer has started to dig in.  The plant growth has taken off, so watch out for those ‘Face Slappers’ out on the Trails.  We are trimming them as quick as possible, BUT, understand that at this time of year the ‘growth’ is often faster than we can keep up.  We trim an area, and two days later, the ‘growth’ is back.  WE can use help though!  While Riding, if you come across those ‘Slappers’, remove them!  It Helps ALL!  The mowing of the Trail side ‘Grabbers’ is almost complete too.  Again, understand we have over Fifty Miles of Trail to trim, so Help if you can!  EVERYONE will Appreciate that!

The Volunteer TrailCrew has reduced its WorkDays, but does still get out about every three weeks to do some TrailWork.  Last Saturday the Crew was back at the Emma Carlin doing some ‘Finish’ work on the New ‘StoneHenge’ DownHill.  A berm was built just before ‘The Rock’ and two Drops were put in just after, along with some Trail adjustment past that.  It will make that Section of Trail More Fun, and safer!  Two more berms will be built on ‘The’ DownHill before this Section, making the hill a LOT more interesting!

Remember: When you see those ORANGE TrailCrew T-shirts, say “Thank You” to those Crew members.  They’ve EARNED your Appreciation and Praise!!

Want to Help Build Trail by joining the TrailCrew?  E-mail TrailBlazer Dave at davem@worba.org and say:  “I’d like to Help when I can.  Please put me on the Volunteer E-mail List to be notified when TrailWorkDays are planned.”  Then, just come when you can!