New Entrance at John Muir

National Trails Day was a Success at the John Muir Trails!  To honor the tradition of the day, Thirty-Five eSpeCially CrAzy IrRegular TrailBuildin Crew and other Volunteers worked together with the WDNR to put a new face on the entrance area of the John Muir Trails.  Along with a new Archway, the entrance area was given new gravel, new grassy areas, an updated Bike Rinse area, and the two-way entrance was divided into two one-way trails to avoid the occasional head-ons.

Also, along with the improvements to the entrance area, a smaller crew was dispatched to repair a large trail area that needed some ‘adjustments’ to bring it back up to good Rideable standards –  Mission Accomplished!

After the WorkDay, the Volunteers were treated to Free burgers and beverages at the Muir Shelter, provided by The General Store of LaGrange, and cooked by its owner Mike Bettinger.  He too, Appreciates ALL the work done by the Crew!

After all of that, many took advantage of the beautiful day to actually Ride the Trails, making it a Perfect Day!

National Trails Day, Saturday, June 4

THIS Saturday is National Trails Day.   To celebrate that, AND OUR Spring TrailWork Completion, WE will be doing TrailWork at the John Muir; meeting at 8:30am in the Muir Parking Lot, working ’til noon-ish, and then Celebrating at the Muir Shelter with Free Food and Beverages, speeches, and LOTS of conversations and stories!

Come join in the Celebration! And Help by Volunteering a ‘Lil of Your Time, to make OUR Trails Better for ALL!