TrailCrew is Building LOTS of New Trail!

Our All Volunteer TrailBuildin’ Crew just keeps diggin’ away at the Emma Carlin Trails this Spring, making GREAT strides at Building New Trail for everyone to Enjoy.  They have added LOTS of New Trail, making them safer, challenging, a bit more technical, sustainable for years to come, and Absolutely MORE FUN!!  Doing this all while enjoying the sociallization of the Group, getting Good exercise, lots of fresh air, and a sense of Accomplishment!  Did I mention making Good Friends?!  Come out, join them and Help Build a New Legacy.








Take a Ride on the Emma Carlin Trails; but Remember:  They are NOT your momma’s Trails!  If you don’t have the skills, enjoy the Muir; if you do, you WILL enjoy the Carlin!!

If you see someone wearing the Orange TRAILCREW T-shirts, tell them “Thanks”.  They deserve it!!

TrailCrew gets THANK YOUZ!

The Southern Kettle Moraine Chapter of WORBA said “THANK YOU” to the eSpeCially CrAzy IrRegular TrailBuildin’ Crew on Saturday, by gifting to them a ‘cool’ SKM Chapter Orange TrailCrew T-shirt.  It’s a high quality, wicking shirt with the ‘cool’ SKM TrailCrew logo on it.  When wearing it, they are Quite visible!…. and Appreciated!!

This picture (photo by Gomez) shows some of last years TrailCrew wearing the ‘coveted’ and well-‘earned’ T-shirt! (We will post a picture of this years Crew in their T-shirts next week, Hopefully).  To receive this shirt, all they needed to do, was to come and Help on any four TrailWorkDays.  So… there is still time for anybody to ‘earn’ a shirt, by coming out to Help.  WE’ll meet every Saturday this month at 8:30 am at the Emma Carlin TrailHead Parking Lot.  We only work ’til noon!

If you haven’t ridden the Carlin Trails this year, you’re in for a treat!  The TrailCrew has made many changes to that Trail System making it Much more interesting.  But Be Aware, it not a Trail for beginners.  Only the Advanced-Intermediate and better Riders should attempt it’s Trails!  But for them, they ARE Fun!


Also, the TrailCrew got some Great Appreciation and Acknowledgement in an article in this months issue of Silent Sports Magazine written by Lee Borowski.  Check out the article at: .  Why not make it a point to come out and Help Build New Trail, and  “You, too, can become part of this incredible legacy”.

TrailWork UpDate

The ALL Volunteer TrailCrew should meet at the EMMA CARLIN TrailHead THIS Saturday, May 7 (instead of the John Muir) to finish the LARGE Trail Section that was started last week!  WE’re tackling those BIG hills and Need to ‘Git ’em Done’!

In this picture of last weeks WorkDay, the Crew is working on the downhill just after the LONG climb.  It’ll be safer, challenging, LONGER than before – of course, and More Fun!  ….and wait ’til you here the story of ‘The Rock’, or ‘StoneHenge’, as WE call it!  It’s a Fun Ride!

The Section WE will be working on this Saturday is a Long Section and WE can use all the extra Help we can get – so ‘Come on Out!

REMEMBER: Come to the EMMA CARLIN TrailHead, 8:30am.  WE’ll work ’til noon.  If you come late, walk the GREEN (outer)Bike Trail BACKWARDS ’til you see US!