SpringTime at da Muir

SpringTime in the Southern Kettles is Lovely! 

OUR Trails are in Great shape!  Come out and ENJOY!

But REMEMBER:  Spring means RAIN!!  Riding the Trails during or after a Rain could be Disastrous to OUR Trails tread.  So DON”T Ride them when they are wet.  Trail OPEN or CLOSED signs are always posted at the TrailHeads.  Please Respect those signs to keep OUR Trails in Great condition.  To keep from making a wasted trip, CALL OUR Trail HotLine 262-594-6202 to hear if they are OPEN or CLOSED; and if OPEN, Come out and ENJOY!


Southern Kettles Trails to OPEN Tuesday April 12

The John Muir Trail System will OPEN it’s Trails on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 for it’s Spring Biking Season! 

Come out and Enjoy one of the Best Trail Systems in the state.

NOTE:  The Southern Trails of the John Muir will remain closed for a few more days because they are still ‘soft’ in spots.  This includes the ‘Finger’ and the ‘Squirrel’ Trail Sections.  DO NOT RIDE these CLOSED TRAILS to allow them to firm up and prevent Damage to the Trail tread.  ALL of the Northern Trails of the John Muir will be OPEN, along with the Connector Trails and the Emma Carlin Trails.  These will give you, at least, Thirty Miles of Trail to Ride.  ENJOY!  And Thank YOUR Volunteer TrailBuilding Crew for working hard to get these Trails OPEN.

NOTE:  There are still a few trees that are lying across some Trails.  They will be removed ASAP, BUT, watch for them until they are gone.