New Trail at John Muir

THIRTY Volunteer CrewMembers came to Help work on the John Muir Trails last Saturday.  It’s GREAT having sooo many people who Care about the Muir Trails, and want to Help make them better!  With their Help, they added a Longer, New Trail Section to the WHITE Trail of the John Muir, making it safer and more interesting. 

This coming Saturday, April 2, the Volunteer ‘Crew’ will be meeting at the Emma Carlin Trails to continue the ReBuilding of that Trail System.  Please come out and Help!   

See the TRAILWORK UPDATES page to learn more about last Saturday and next Saturdays Work.

First TrailBuilding Day Done!

The TrailBuildin’ Crew got another New Trail Section Built on YOUR Trails on Saturday.  Read about where it is, and the “Why’s” and How’s, on the ‘TRAILWORK UPDATES’ Page; and look back there weekly for New TrailBuildin’ UpDates…..  AND  Get eXciTed!  Then come out and be a part of the Volunteer TrailBuildin’ Crew and Help Build New Trail for YOU and soo many others to enjoy! 

WE have an ambitious agenda this Spring to build New Trail , and to accomplish OUR plan…… WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!  WE meet Every Saturday at 8:30am and work ’til noon.  Everyone can participate.  Even people who can only do ‘Light Duty’ work can Help!  WE have plenty of ‘easy stuff’ that needs to be done; Like trimming small tree branches, light raking of the Trail tread, taking pictures, finding ‘mis-placed’ tools (LOL) and Helping to keep the conversation going! 

Please come out and Volunteer a little of your time, and…..

“Give a Little Back” to the Trails that you Love!

TrailBuildin’ Season Begins

The ‘eSpeCially CrAzy IrRegular TrailBuildin’ Crew’  (ALL Volunteer Crew)  will begin the 2011 Southern Kettles TrailBuildin’ Season on Saturday, March 19.  WE invite Anyone interested in Helping to build Sustainable Trails at the Muir System to come out and join in.  If you enjoy the Trails now, would like to make them better, would like More New Trails developed, then come out and Help be a part of the ‘Solutions’.  Lots of Good people, men AND women, ‘IrRegularly’ come out to Help (meaning they come when they can – you don’t have to show up every week, unless you want to).  You are ALWAYS Appreciated!

Saturdays in March we Meet at the John Muir Parking Lot at 8:30am. 

The TrailWorkDays are every Saturday thru May.  Meet at the Muir (or Carlin) Parking Lot at 8:30am (meeting areas will be posted in advance).  At 9:00am we leave the parking lot for the Work Area and work ’til noon.  We supply all the tools.

Come andGive a Little Back to the Trails that you Love”!  And enjoy what has been affectionately called a “Social Club” of sorts.