Riding the Southern Kettles

Need a TrailRiding fix?  Wanna know what Riding at the Southern Kettles is like?    Here is a video shot exclusively at the Southern Kettles on a GoPro Hero HD camera.  This video only gives you ‘a taste’ of what is available at the John Muir System of Trails.  If you like what you see, come out and ride.  Then, consider giving something back to those Great Trails you rode, by Volunteering ‘a little bit of your time’ to help build those GREAT Trails.  Join the All Volunteer “eSpeCially CrAzy IrRegular TrailBuildin’ Crew” on one of their Saturday morning TrailBuildin’ WorkDays.  You’ll be GLAD you did.

Trailbuilding on National Trails Day

This week some great work was done adding sustainable trail to the Hell’s Kitchen area of the John Muir Trail’s BLUE Loop.  Not only did we improve the overall trail design, we also added length.  In this video I was trying to call attention to those who earned an orange TrailBuildin’ Crew T-shirt by attending 4 or more TrailBuilding Days over the course of the spring.  “Thank You” Crew for your dedication and hard work!  For them, I present this TrailWork Video from 6/5/10, in Appreciation!
Also, ‘Thank You’ to the Hayes Bicycle Group for supplying the Manitou forkS and Answer handlebarS for the FREE raffle.  SWEET!

Trailbuildin’ Video @ Emma Carlin 5/22/10