***** Southern Kettles Classic WEMS Race August 8 2015 *****

Southern Kettle Moraine Needs Your Help

Attention this is a call to action: The Southern Kettle Moraine Chapter of IMBA, mountain bike club is sponsoring the WEMs race at Emma Carlin on Saturday August 8.


This is our largest fund raising event generating over $2000 for trail improvements. This year we would like to use the $$$$ raised for the potential purchase of winter grooming equipment for the mountain bike trails

(note: Bike trail grooming has not been officially approved but it goods to be ready if and when it is)

At this time we need some core volunteers to help make this event a success. If you want to be a doer and help make things happen on your bike trails please contact


mike@backyardbikes.com  ernieproace@gmail.com




2015 Trails OPEN Today at 2:00pm

The Northern Trails of the John Muir, the Connector Trail and the Emma Carlin Trails will OPEN for Biking at 2:00pm on Friday, April 3.  RIDE with Caution!  The Trails are not yet hard packed.

Winter Color Fest Fat Bike Snow Race On The John Muir

This Saturday is the date of the Winter Fest Fat Bike snow race on the John Muir. This is an event sponsored by your local IMBA chapter mountain bike club, all proceeds after expenses go to trail development and equipment to maintain trails.  The club board of directors  approved the spending of up to $5000 for an enclosed trailer to store and transport the  new Polaris  UTV that was recently purchased with funds from the Mountain Bike Patrol and Fall color committee.  This UTV will be used for rescue and transporting tools and supplies for trail work.    One of the future  items on  our wish list is the purchase of  a  motorized snow  groomer to pack some of the Mountain Bike Trails during the winter . So if you are available to help with this event either on Friday any time between 1:00 to 5:pm for set up  or Saturday 9:00 to 3:00pm during the race please drop me an email .  We also have permission to use a snowmobile to pack the beginner trail and possibly the  brown loop. So if you have or know some who  has a snowmobile available Friday and Saturday let me know .We also could use some propane heaters to heat the shelter during Saturdays race

Mike@backyardbikes.com or 262-495-8600

Jim_Wiser@Yahoo.com or 847-404-9698

**ELECTIONS** Southern Kettles IMBA Chapter Board

We have made the nominating process for the upcoming board election simpler
There are three board positions up for renewal
If you are interested in being on this ballot just email your name before November 16 to mike@backyardbikes.com
The only requirements is that one of the existing board members approves your application
To also simplify the actual election you will be able to vote for your 3 choices online November 19 to midnight November 21
The actual election will be Saturday Nov, 22 10:00 am 12:00 at LaGrange General Store
Your Passion for Mountain Biking and  For The Southern Kettles Makes You Or Someone You Know An Important Asset For The Board

SKMCI Halloween Ride, Potluck and Members Meeting

If your a Mountain Biker and the Southern Kettles is you favorite place to ride.
Are you a current member or would like to become a member?

You will want to join in on the fun Saturday November 1 for a general  membership meeting
 and Halloween Mt bike ride.
 The meeting starts a 2:00pm followed bike a group ride at 3:00pm .
Location: Nordic Shelter on H across from John Muir 

Meeting starts at 2:00 and current board  member will be present to discuss direction club should take in the upcoming year . A few important items will be what to do with the money raised over the past few years and the nomination for 3 open board positions.  To be on the ballot for the next  election  you will need the endorsement from two current chapter members.

The election will be at the Nordic Shelter November 22 10:00 to 1:00

Note: We will have the grill  going with Hamburgers for after the ride. So bring a dish to pass


 and enjoy the fire

Questions?  Call Jim Wiser after 5 pm weekdays or any sane time on weekends


Take a kid Mountain biking is cancelled due to weather.

The trails are closed`and more rain is due.  So we regret to say we have to cancel again.

Welcome to Spring?

We are a week away from July, and we are finally/still getting our Spring weather and RAINS!  Which means, the Spring Plant Growth is going Wild!!  We need YOUR Help!  If Everyone would Trim just a few branches/plants, during their Ride (the ones that  are encroaching across the Trail path,  the Trails would be clearer and More Fun!  With over 50+ miles of Trails, it’s hard to keep up with the growth.  That’s why we ask for YOUR/ALL RIDERS Help.  Just stop and trim the branches/plants that slap you as you Ride.  That will Help ALL of us!  Everyone Thanks you!

Southern Kettles Classic WEMS race

Pre-Race Help

Saturday May 24 is our 3rd annual WEMS race held at the Emma Carlin.  This fund raiser is the main engine for our fund raising efforts to support mountain biking in the Southern Kettles. We need help cleaning the Emma ahead of this event.

  • Trail inspection
  • Leaf blowing  (we have two back pack blowers available)
  • Dead fall tree clearing  (help the DNR certified chainsaw gang)
  • Grassy area cleanup for extended parking

Contact Jim Wiser if you can help. Jim_wiser1@yahoo.com


Race Day Help

Race Volunteers Needed for Race Day

  • Rider/s to check the tails for dead fall Friday night
  • 2 for registration tent
  • 2 for scoring, 1 trail Marshall
  • 4 gripes help with setup before, help with parking during, Help with take down after (help with all 3 phases or any one of the three that you can)
  • 2 to ride out and clean any trail signage etc.  UTV available.


*lunch provided for volunteers


If you can help with any of these race-day needs contact Marty Tank at martin.tank@gmail.com

Trail Etiquette

Please, let’s all keep in mind our trail systems are not a MTB only trail systems. They are multi-use trail systems.
Which means there are hikers, some with small children and runners.  Not to mention other bikers of various skill levels.  All use and are welcome
on the same trail system we enjoy.

Fast moving users can startle others,
especially when approaching from behind. Always ride under
control, anticipate users around blind corners, and be exceedingly
friendly and communicative.

What is your responsibility?
Mountain bikers yield to hikers, and uphill traffic.

Passing Hikers
1.  Greet hikers early with a friendly and audible “Passing on the left.”
2.  Slow down to a safe speed to allow for the unexpected.
3.  Pass slowly and be prepared to stop if necessary.
4.  Expect the unexpected. Humans and animals can be unpredictable or easily spooked by cyclists.  Be mindful of small children who could run into your path.

5. Pass only when it’s safe to do so (enough clearance)

6. As you go by thank them for yielding to let you pass.

Passing Cyclists
1. Announce your intention to pass with a friendly and audible “Passing on the left.” 2. Pass only when it’s safe to do so (enough clearance)

3. As you go by thank them for yielding to let you pass.
4. If being passed put to the right as far as safe to do so.

5. If stopped lean away from the trail center and away from the oncoming cyclist.


Remember a little politeness and patients go a long way.  How we respond to other trail users reflect on the whole community.



Trail Conditions UpDate: April 23, 2014

Trails are in Great shape!  Rode today – NO mud.  Trails are a bit leafy, so careful Riding fast in the curves – loose footing!  Also, due to the leaf cover, it’s kinda hard to see where the Trail is in some areas (and what’s underneath the leaves).

Leaf clearing will start this week.

In the meantime – Ride Careful; Ride Smart…. but RIDE!!